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Cognition refers to the thinking and processing skills needed to accomplish complex every day activities. It encompasses information processing, attention, memory, and executive functions (planning, sequencing, problem solving, self-monitoring, self-awareness). Functional cognition is the interaction between cognitive skills and daily living tasks and activities.

Your Occupational Therapist will focus interventions and the relationship between cognitive skills, functional performance and environmental context to enhance your daily life experience and participation.

We will work closely with clients and families either in their home, in our clinic or via telehealth to develop a customised program that is goal directed, and specific to your needs. Area’s for assistance may include:

Memory and cognition – Programs developed to improve memory, cognition, and executive functioning to increase independence and your ability to resume daily function.
Vision and visual perception – Programs will involve assessment of both primary visual skills and visual perception to guide retraining in the areas of deficit, teaching compensation techniques, substitution of unimpaired skills, or adapting the task or environment.
Functional Rehabilitation programs to enhance the management of personal care and domestic tasks, leisure interests, money management, study, work, and shopping.

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